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Briefing Kiosks

There are certain safety risks involved when doing go-kart racing. That’s why it’s imperative for any go kart business to give their customers a detailed briefing on what to expect and how to behave on track.

To make sure all the necessary information is presented, businesses often use briefing videos that they show to new customers. How well the information was transmitted depends on the group and is sometimes hard to verify.

Together with Orcas I made this briefing kiosk application for Android tablets. The goal is to make the briefing an individual, focused experience, away from distractions. The app allows the customer to start the briefing by themselves whenever they’re ready. And small quiz questions in between videos verify the most important information.

After the briefing, a small label printer prints a label with the customer’s name on it so the staff can verify that every customer completed the briefing and the quiz questions successfully.